About Us

National Cyber Safety and Security Standards have done an extensive research in the Cyber domain to understand the nature of cyber threats and Cyber Crimes. We have understood that the multi-faceted cyber technology cannot be handled by common standards and security policies. Thus, a Common Platform to facilitate the experts to provide an effective solution for the complex and alarming problems in the society towards cyber security domain. National Cyber Safety and Security Standards is developing innovative strategies and compliance procedures to curb the increasing complexity of the Global Cyber Threats.

National Cyber Safety and Security Standards in association with various State and Central Governments have taken visionary initiatives to curb and enervate the notoriously spreading cyber threats from various directions and dimensions to safeguard the Nation from the current threats in the Cyberspace towards National Security.


  • Corporates / CISO's
  • Banking and Financial Sector
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • Central / State Government Departments
  • Academic Institutions
  • Government Organizations
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Cyber Forensic Departments
  • Professionals from any discipline
  • Large / Medium / Small Scale Enterprise
  • Enforcement Agencies
  • Public / Research scholars / Students