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National Cyber Safety &
Security Standards
Summit '21 - XV Edition

on 03rd & 04th Dec, 2021
@ Pondicherry University, Pondicherry

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Honourable Vice-President of India

I extend my best wishes to National Cyber Safety and Security Standards for their endeavours.

Honourable Prime Minister of India

I hope the initiatives of National Cyber Safety and Security Standards will establish and convey the most effective ways and means of protecting our National Security against the worst sort of cyber attacks and provide the best safe guards against the cyber criminals threatening our Nation and its Integrity.

I wish all the success to the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards in its crusade to protect the Nation.

Chief Of The Army Staff, Indian Army.

I appreciate the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards in their efforts to empower all the stakeholders of National Security and protect the interests of our great nation in the cyber domain.

Admiral Sunil Lanba PVSM, AVSM, ADC
Former Chief of the Naval Staff, Indian Navy.

Our increasing reliance on cyberspace and its rampant use for criminal activity can only be countered by adopting a holistic approach and concerted effort from all agencies that use the cyberspace.

My compliments to the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards for it's endeavours in Cyber Space.

Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Department Of Space, Government Of India.

The advancement of technology has made society dependent on the internet for many critical services as well as social engagement. However, misuse of this technology for various disruptive as well as criminal activities has given rise to cyber-crimes. Today, the perpetrators of cybercrimes are sans borders and the victims could be any body, from common man to private enterprise to government organizations. Cyber-crime has also emerged as a National security threat.

I am sure that National Cyber Safety and Security Standards will aware the people about cyber threats in an effort to improve the cyber security both at the National as well as international level.

Prof. D. P. Singh
Chairman, University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi.

Cyber Crime is the fastest growing threat to humanity. As the number of data networks, digital applications, as well as internet and mobile users are growing, so do the chances of cyber exploitation and cyber crimes. Even a small mistake in securing data or bad social networking can prove to be extremely dangerous.

National Cyber Safety and Security Standards (NCSSS) has done an extensive research in the Cyber domain to understand the nature of cyber threats and Cyber Crimes and that the multi-faceted cyber technology cannot be handled by common standards and security policies. I extend my best wishes to the NCSSS.

About Programme

The National Cyber Safety and Security Standards Summit '21 (XV Edition) is organized by the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards in association with Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India .

In this International Conference, Cyber Security Experts & Professionals discuss about the cyber threats to National Security and discuss about the core domains: National Security, e-Governance, Internal Security, Strengthening Digital India, Threats to National Critical Infrastructure, Cyber Security issues in Border Security, Women’s Cyber Security, Cyber Crime and its Counter Measures, Social Networking and its Dangers on National Security, State of Cyber Security, Web Application Security, Mobile Application security, Digital Forensics, Cyber Security Resource Development, e-Commerce Applications & Security, Latest technologies in Data/Information/Network Security, Cloud Security, Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Domain etc. to provide preventive measures & effective solutions.

In fact this is the only High Level Summit which gathers the presence of Multi-Stakeholders from MNC's, PSU's, PSB's, Corporates, Academics, State/Central Governments, Defence, Intelligence Agencies, Enforcement Agencies, etc.


03rd & 04th Dec, 2021


Pondicherry University, Pondicherry


  • Corporates / CISO's
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • Central / State Government Departments
  • Academic Institutions
  • Government Organizations
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Cyber Forensic Departments
  • Professionals from any discipline
  • Large / Medium / Small Scale Enterprise
  • Enforcement Agencies
  • Public / Research scholars / Students


  • Professional Certificate
  • Attendee Kit
  • Presentations
  • InTeract With Industry Leaders & Experts
  • Enrich Your Cyber Security Knowledge
  • Lunch & High-Tea
  • Exchange Your Opinions With The Fellow Cyber Security Professionals
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