Aashish Vivekanand
Technical Member, NCDRC & Android Security Expert

Topic: Android Security and Privacy

Aashish Vivekanand, Android Security Expert. He completed his bachelor's degree at Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai. Past two years, he spent a lot of time working on several projects contributing to open source Android, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-security projects. Google offered him a scholarships in partnership with Udacity for Android Developer Nanodegree program after completion of The Nanodegree, He was also selected for the pioneer course on Self-Driving car engineer Nanodegree program with Mercedes-Benz. He received awards from World Youth Federation (Abdul Kalam innovation Award), the CII Connect Hackathon (first prize two years 2015 & 2016 in a row), at the Daimler Mobile App Garage and at other national events.

He was appalled for the violation of proprietary rights with massive copying of online content and built an Android application called Smart Learning which stops playing streaming content if any intrusion is detected from services or other application. This project won the first prize at the Cyber-Security Hackathon conducted by US Consulate and Learning Links in 2016. He has also presented a DNS Tweaks program that could be used at home to improve child safety during the launch of “Online Child Safety and Security Report India” by UNICEF. The idea was well received, much appreciated and tweeted by the Chief UNICEF Representative for India. He mentored student teams in "The State of World's children 2017" by UNICEF on various cybersecurity topics to bring an awareness among themselves