Jaizal Ali

Founder & Chief Executive Officer,
Red Team Hacker Academy.

  • Topic:
  • Attacks and Defense Strategies in Cybersecurity

Jaizal Ali is an enthusiastic Entrepreneur, Consultant and Trainer focusing on Cybersecurity and Risk Management, Incident Response, and Digital Forensics. Jaizal Ali holds Masters in Cyber Forensics and Information Security and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Certifications - C|EH, C|HFI, C|EI, CCNP, ITIL, NPP and VCA.He is the Founder and Director at RedTeam Hacker Academy. Passionate about technology and security perspectives to build a security-minded culture in enterprises beyond boundaries. Building cybersecurity communities across the states and mentored 100s of students and professionals to tune their careers in security. Jaizal is leading a Cybersecurity and Future technology community in state of kerala with core focus on IoT, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, SCADA Security etc.