Pramod Kumar
IoT Security Professional, Chair Member - National Cyber Defence Research Centre

Topic: Internet of (in) Secure Things: Can Blockchain be the solution?

Pramod Kumar is the CTO at P7 Technologies and his USP is - "Avoid repeating code".

He is an avid fan of embedded systems, IoT and BCI. He has worked both in the manufacturing and IT sectors. This has given him a great exposure and opportunity to work on various microcontrollers starting from the 8051 core, with hands on experience on both hardware and software.

Some of his interventions include
Designing and developing "ROBOT DOWN" mobile alert system for assembly line manufacturing systems.
Complete home automation systems for new buildings.
Designing and developing fully automated sound and time alarm systems for schools for blind children.
Heading the Indian operations for a German based IT company, functions included developing embedded systems for some of the top companies in the world including audio, machine vision and aviation domains.

In a recent assignment, he helped in setting up a complete IoT division and bringing all members upto track including hardware and software.

He had foretold about IoT way back in 2000, when he spoke of smart connected devices. His next prediction is the IoB, or the internet of brains!

His current passion is working on securing IoT systems and he holds the BISE certificate for cyber security. He is also working on developing systems using BCI or the brain computer interface.

He is a training partner with CII and regularly conducts "hands on" training programs in IoT and BCI