SathIsh AshwIn

Head of Research and Operations - NCDRC

  • Topic:
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) Vs Hackers

He is an Information security professional with 6+ years' of professional experience in VA/PT, Cyber Crime Investigations, Security and surveillance based application Development. He is currently working as a Security Analyst at Deep Identity pvt ltd., His core area of expertise is Vulnerability Assessment and Web Application Penetration Testing. He has been acknowledged in more than 20+ Security Hall of Fames that includes Nokia, Microsoft, Adobe, Slack, Paypal, Cpanel, FastMail etc. He is also the founder of HackersHat( is one of the upcoming world's biggest and best Information Security network, which provides Cyber Security Awareness, Latest exploits, vulnerabilities. He is also the co-founder of ISAHackers( is a world best hacking forum that provides tutorials, latest hacking techniques, free tools and a great online teaching to our members. He is also a regular speaker in information security conferences and awareness programs