Shubhamangala Sunil
Security Consultant and info & Cyber Security Expert, Founder Chairperson, Global Cyber Security Response Team (GCSRT).

Shubhamangala Sunil (Security Consultant and info & Cyber Security Expert) is the Founder Chairperson CYBER SECURITY RESPONSE TEAM (CSRT) Which is now globally recognized as GLOBAL CYBER SECURITY RESPONSE TEAM PVT LTDā€¦ She started the CSRT a Team aimed at substantially improving the ability of cyber security in India and defend its critical cyber crimes. She has initiated the free cyber security and internet safety seminars from GCSRT in all colleges and schools in Bangalore and round the nation. She is the Chief Editor in Australian journal for wireless technologies, mobility and security, which is the initiative by leading researchers and academicians to enable the aspirants of PhD degrees and post doc fellows from Pacific region and Asia. Currently she is NATIONAL CYBER Safety and Security Standards Technical Committee Member.